Laser Alignment Service


Sidley Truck & Equipment has recently installed a Protrak Laser alignment machine.
Our Technicians have been factory trained in all aspects of wheel alignment, tire
wear, and problem corrections.

This system utilizes the latest laser and digital measurement technology, for fast
accurate wheel alignment service. It allow us the ability to align your vehicle to
tolerance of +/- 3/100th’s of 1 degree.

Why have your vehicle aligned on a rack instead of sitting on the ground in the
position that it is driven down the road?

The PROTRAK QCT Laser Wheel Alignment System offers an “as driven” wheel
alignment solution.

* Price is based on 3-axle truck. Includes setting toe in/out, taking all camber,
caster and thrust measurements, and making thrust adjustments on adjustable
air-ride suspensions. No charge for vehicles that are not alignable. There will be
additional charges for parts and service to bring vehicle into alignable condition.

Contact our Service Department today for an appointment.

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